Authenticity & truthfulness
are the key for visibility

“We women should finally become visible and audible. Unleash the feminine power and connect with our voice.”
-Iris Hammermeister-

Yes, I want to connect with my voice and become visible and audible.

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We live in troubled and uncertain times. It is all the more important to have access to our own voice, which shows us the way.

Our voice is connected with our truth and with our true self. Our source, what we really are, sits very deep in our base, the womb space. The truth is located in the vocal apparatus, in the throat.

Womb space and vocal apparatus form a unit and belong together. The point is that the very own source connected with our truth finds its expression. Not only that, our whole life force sits in the womb space and waits to unfold.


Creativity is the solution. Now is the time to create.

As soon as we are connected with our voice and thus with our truth, we become visible and audible. As soon as we have access to our individual and special abilities, we become present and the fire within us is ignited. That is what this program aims to do.

It is not about teaching any techniques to sound beautiful. It’s about truthfulness and authenticity, because that’s exactly what the world needs now. Colorful, diverse, vibrant voices that stand out and show themselves through their uniqueness.

In these challenging times, our own truthful expression is in demand. More than ever, it’s about visibility and being heard and noticed. 

In a time of upheaval, in which the world outside seems chaotic, it is all the more important to be in balance and to follow your own voice.


Change is only possible in connection with the voice, a regulated autonomic nervous system and one’s own body.

All modules, content and voice exercises are based on the teaching of polyvagal theory and regulate the autonomic nervous system!

The time calls for creative people and solutions who are ready to shape the change.

Without willingness to change and connect to your own voice, it will be difficult to cope well with this time of crisis.

The time is ripe to follow the voice of your heart and stay true to yourself.


For whom is this voice training program suitable?

This online voice training program is for women who want to become visible and audible, who want to develop their feminine power and who want to connect with their voice.

It requires no prior knowledge and is aimed at all interested parties, as well as singers, voice teachers, actresses, artists, amateurs and also self-employed women who use their voice professionally, who are on stage or speak in front of groups.

From 05/31/2021 we offer the next run of this voice training program 

.All modules, content and exercises are based on the teaching of polyvagal theory and regulate the autonomic nervous system. It is here above all, about an inner listening and sensitizing the hearing, as a prerequisite to reconnect with the true self!!

Theoretical content is supplemented with practical vocal exercises. 

The online course consists of 5 modules with a total of 55 videos in which the basic principles are presented. Included are 40 voice exercises. You get a total of 12 hours and 32 minutes of video material. In addition, there is a workbook with information and explanations about the vocal exercises presented in the videos. It contains 118 pages and is printable in color, as well as in black and white. 

Optionally bookable are individual lessons with Iris Hammermeister as a package of 5.

In addition, there is the possibility to exchange ideas in the closed Facebook group. 

About Zoom, live meetings are held every 14 days, where questions are answered and individual one-on-one coaching sessions are conducted. There are a total of 12 meetings a 90 – 120 minutes. 

In addition, there is a Telegram group where women can arrange to meet and exchange ideas.

.The basic principles of voice work according to Iris Hammermeister are:

Bonding & Relationship

The resonance principle


Connection between vocal apparatus & womb space


Way inside -connection to our body


according to Stephen Porges - Regulation of the autonomic nervous system


Boundaries inside and outside

The voice training program includes:

6-month course incl. 55 videos with theory and practice

Course with 5 modules:

The 6-month course includes 5 modules incl. voice exercises on the respective basic principles. A module lasts 1 – 1.5 months. The associated video sessions include theoretical knowledge and clearly explained voice and body exercises.

The content should be worked through within 4 – 6 weeks before starting the next lesson. However, this is not a MUST. It is more important that each woman pays attention to her own pace and follows her own inner voice. 

incl. participation in the closed voice community

Live online meetings and participation in the closed voice community.
– Participation in 14-day live meetings via Zoom, which last approximately 2 hours.
– Participation in the closed Facebook group “Stimm-Community”, in which information on current topics relevant to voice is passed on. In addition, the exchange among each other is possible.
– Participation in the closed Telegram group for women who do not have an account on Facebook.
– Meeting and networking of like-minded people for mutual exchange and support. Creating islands where the new can unfold.
In the meetings, individual questions are answered and the respective processes are shared.

The live meetings (Zoom) take place in a 14-day rhythm on Mondays from 18.00 pm – 20.00 pm. Start: 6/14/21
The live meetings will be recorded and can be viewed if not attended. These will be available until the voice training program ends.

Accompanying workbook

The online voice training program includes an accompanying workbook. In this workbook, the theoretical knowledge is deepened and information on the individual modules is presented in writing. It has a total of 118 pages.

The workbook is provided in PDF format and can be printed out by the user if required.


For the online voice training program there is a fee of 799,00 € plus 19% VAT.

Early bird discount until 05/24/2021: 749,00 € plus 19% VAT.

The amount can be transferred in 3 or 6 equal monthly installments. Please contact us beforehand!

The videos for the voice training program can be streamed for a total of 12 months from the start date.

The voice training program will be extended by one month in August due to the summer break, so it will end after 7 months instead of 6. There will be no coaching in August.

Optionally available: Accompanying individual coaching

Accompanying individual coaching during the voice training program.

For women who wish to be accompanied during their participation in the voice training program, there is the possibility to book a coaching package of 5 hours.

The individual sessions can be done online or on-site and are guided by Iris Hammermeister. Emerging issues during the process can be discussed sensitively and in a safe space.

The package costs 550,00 €. Appointments are coordinated individually.

More information in the free
online live seminar:

I share more information in advance in a free online seminar.

The seminar will be held via Zoom.

Booking and contact

Yes, I want to be there!
To participate in the voice training program, please register in the adjacent form. I will then send you the binding registration by e-mail.

Iris Hammermeister

Trained singer, vocal coach, trauma and systems therapist.

She is the renowned, leading and internationally sought-after voice expert
and has spent decades researching the connection between the experiences of attachment and relationship experiences of the first years of life and the effects on the voice.

Iris bridges the various disciplines of developmental psychology, psychotraumatology, mysticism, medicine, neurobiology, vocal physiology, and vocal pedagogy. She guides singers, musicians and amateurs with her unique knowledge, extraordinary listening skills and perceptive gifts, back to a deep connection with their voice and their potential.

Iris also brings extensive experience in business and management consulting. She coached executives and self-employed people for many years and worked in change management in Switzerland and for well-known companies. She also studied business informatics and is a trained supervisor. She accompanied teams in the profit and non-profit sector.


Iris Hammermeister's voice training program "How to find your voice" has once again shown me my voice in a new and holistic way with many more nuances. I am a classical singer and have thus gained a new perspective on my voice. This fertilizes my work as a concert singer enormously and raises it to another level. Every month a new module is unlocked and everyone works with the exercises at their own pace. In the video clips Iris has recorded for us, I really feel like Iris is there and working with me personally right now. She really helps me to arrive at my place and experience my sounds with her calm and empathetic manner. Through the regular live calls I feel included in the processes of the other women who are doing the course together with me. You can tell that there is a lot of heart and soul in this course. I am already looking forward to the next module.

Annemarie Quiring
mezzo-soprano, concert singer

The voice training program is very well structured. Very much interesting information that is new even for me as a singer. Especially the connection between voice and womb space opens up completely new sound and body experiences for me. To give the nervous system good impulses in the direction of healing through singing and sounding is, in addition to a good body or trauma therapy, very supportive for women like me with war grandchild theme and the associated traumatic experiences. The exercise videos motivate to participate. The body, the perception of our sensations are the focus. The question in all exercises is: What is happening right now? How does it feel? Iris offers a coherent way inward. Into feeling. Arriving in one's own body. Listening to the inner voice is also trained and helps to trust one's own intuition. Very helpful, e.g. in the current crisis situation, where one does not know what to believe. In general, I think it is a brilliant idea to sing through the lockdown in this holistic way, well connected with oneself, so to speak.

Mari Ann Backa
Singer, pianist, professional musician

Iris Hammermeister's voice training is ingenious. It is about much more than just the voice. Through the holistic approach, the whole body is more and more set in vibration, so that healing can happen in the most diverse areas. The effect of the course became apparent to me very quickly. Even after the first seven days of 10 minutes of voice training each, I noticed a significant difference in my voice. I can't remember a time when singing was so easy and so loud and clear. Additionally, the course has had a great impact on psycho-emotional issues. Through the insights and experiences I gain thanks to the course, I am able to perceive relatively quick progress in everyday life on issues where I have been at a standstill for years in some cases. In addition to the numerous very informative videos, which Iris conveys in her pleasant manner, regular Zoom meetings take place. Due to the small group size, everyone can have their say and be supported in their individual process. Questions/problems and suggestions are answered extensively by Iris. This makes the voice training very personal and highly recommended, despite the distance.

Lydia Barthels
Singer, teacher

The online voice training program is an enrichment in every respect. Iris' extensive knowledge of voice physiology, neural connections and trauma work result in a coherent overall concept in which every participant feels in good hands. Together in the group, each participant goes through her own process of self-discovery, of getting in touch with her own (inner) voice. Iris is able to accompany each of the participants in a very empathetic and committed way and to support the process. The exchange in the group is also exciting and heartwarming. I would always recommend this course and Iris' work! Katharina

Katharina Roß
Singer, teacher

Module 2 of the voice training program deals with the topics of attachment and relationship and it is interesting for me to see where I am not yet connected with myself in my body. That I can see this is due to the exercises that Iris leads in her course via video and that bring me into an absolute presence with myself. During the last days I could feel how my larynx and my feet are connected and how my body signals me through pain in my feet, where there are still tensions and "posture errors" (in the attitude) that just want to be released. Connected to this are also insight processes about patterns in my life, imprints that are not good for me. The course is a journey through one's own body, an awareness of one's own voice and mood, and through practicing with the tones, unfamiliar things happen. Tissues feel lighter or warmer, pulsing and vibrating in areas of the body that are often ignored (like my feet for example), a bit it feels like a remodeling. I am fascinated by what I can set in motion through my own voice and look forward to more experience. Thank you, dear Iris!

Claudia Hirrle
Coach, singer, Praxis Pan

Feedback on the voice training program:

Note: This program is for private use and not to be used for your own business purposes. The copyright belongs to Iris Hammermeister. Who is interested in professional use, can participate in a training that starts in 2021. Completion of the voice training program is a prerequisite for this and will count as the 1st part of the professional training in “Neuro-functional Voice Training” according to Iris Hammermeister. The 2nd part of the training is the participation in the advanced training “The Polyvagal Theory in Functional Voice Education”. More information on request.

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