The polyvagal theory in voice practice - a facebook group

New new Facebook group for singers and voice teachers from home and abroad

Since the interest in polyvagal theory in connection with voice and singing practice is growing and I am now getting requests from all over the world, I decided to start this group. It is for singers and voice teachers who are ready for a new era of the arts and who are open to a paradigm shift.
I am convinced that artists, especially singers, have an important role to play in this crisis. However, in order to do so, they must question the previous structures and be ready for change.
This group is about an exchange of professional singers and vocal pedagogues who want to look deeper and who have realized that the voice is a complex system that includes different subjects.
My wish is to combine art and science. Also to realize that the nervous system is the basis of our life and that until now we have only worked on the symptoms and not on the cause. The group is for singers and voice teachers who are willing to question previous concepts and ideas of singing, art, beauty and pedagogy.
Polyvagal theory in vocal practice reunites art with spirituality and healing in the form of regulation.
It is not only about technical or anatomical issues, but also about new concert formats and new structures for singers and artists.
The new era means that the individuality of each singer and artist comes to the fore. This includes appreciation and recognition of their own art, as well as the development of their very own concert formats or even art formats.
This group is not meant to be an advertising platform. Therefore, advertising for the own offers is not allowed. It is rather about an exchange, networking and mutual support on the way into a new time of art and culture.
The language here is German and English.
If you want to be a member click this link.