The great voice training program "How to find your voice".

This online voice training program is for women who want to become visible and audible, who want to develop their female power and connect with their voice.

It requires no prior knowledge and is aimed at all interested, as well as singers, vocal coaches, actresses, artists, amateurs and also self-employed women who use their voice professionally, who are on stage or speak in front of groups. 

All modules, content and exercises are based on the teaching of polyvagal theory and regulate the autonomic nervous system. It is here above all, about an inner hearing and sensitizing the hearing, as a prerequisite to connect back with the true self!!

Theoretical content is supplemented with practical voice exercises. 

The online course consists of 5 modules with a total of 55 videos, in which the basic principles are presented. Included are 40 voice exercises. You get a total of 12 hours and 32 minutes of video material. In addition, there is a workbook with information and explanations about the vocal exercises presented in the videos. It contains 118 pages and is printable in color, as well as in black and white. About Zoom, all 14 days of live meetings take place, in which questions are answered and talked about the processes of the individual. There are a total of 12 meetings a 90 – 120 minutes.  

In addition, there is a Telegram group, in which the women can arrange for meetings and exchange.

The next run starts on 19.9.21.