Iris Hammermeister carries a very extensive knowledge due to her extensive research. First, she researched the effects of the two world wars on subsequent generations. In addition, there were questions about what effects the first bonding and contact experiences have on our voice? What is voice anyway and what is its natural function? What impact do the first bonding and contact experiences have on our musculature and autonomic nervous system. In fact, the autonomic nervous system with their sympathetic and parasympathetic systems map into our musculature. This has a great impact on the musculature of the larynx and middle ear. 

Lisbeth Marcher founded Biodynamic and further developed the work of Wilhelm Reich. It is a body psychotherapy method. Wilhelm Reich repeatedly addressed the verpanzerung of human beings. Lisbeth Marcher has investigated this entrenchment in the musculature in more detail. She assigns different muscle systems to the developmental phases of the human being and teaches muscle reading. On the basis of the musculature one can recognize, in which development phase of humans which topics are represented. This goes back very early to the prenatal period. Especially in the first years of life it is about the secure BEING and the individual of a human being. Here, as a rule, a non-existent development often shows up, which have to do with the relationship to the reference person (mother). So if people have difficulties to feel a connection to themselves and their voice or to live an autonomous and free life, this has to do with very early attachment experiences with the mother or the attachment figure. In addition, there is an interrupted feedback (resonance) between our SELF (The secure BEING in the first phase of life), which has a great impact on our hearing. Later it is about the feedback between mother and child, because a child can only regulate itself through the mother (caregiver) in the first two years of life. This is the time of self-expression, of the development of the individual, of skin boundaries, of the distinction between ME and YOU. This is the phase of the voice, of voice development, which has a great impact on our laryngeal muscles. Thus, hearing and voice also uncouple. Hearing represents BEING and voice represents the expression of that BEING. 

So it is a matter of restoring these feedbacks. The larynx is a feedback master because it is connected to all organs, tissues and functions in the body. The feedback could also be called a relationship. So it is in relationship with all organs and functions. This is in accordance with our true nature, because everything is related to everything. However, if we had to experience an interrupted feedback to our secure BEING and our mother early in our life, a dysregulation of the autonomic nervous system occurs and this interruption is reflected in all areas of life, as well as in our physique. We may imagine our body like an orchestra, which consists of different instruments. Through rhythmic impulses, important information is transmitted to the organs. If this resonance is interrupted early, information in our body is also interrupted, so that our body can no longer work optimally. Not only the different cells separate from cell communities, we also separate from our true self, from what we feel, what we think, what potential we have brought with us. But our individual is hidden in it, also our divine spark. That is what belongs to being human. We live increasingly in a world in which step by step the dehumanization proceeds. 

The hearing, especially the middle ear has an important meaning, in the feedback to our true self. Iris Hammermeister is currently researching how the muscle systems of the larynx relate to the muscles of the middle ear, and how the respective muscle systems work in coordination with each other, resulting in feedback to our true self. She is in exchange with Stephen Porges. Her hypothesis is that the coordination of the laryngeal muscles with the muscles of the middle ear and the inner ear, have an impact on the whole body system and there is a regulation of all the muscle systems so that interrupted communication/information in the body can be restored comprehensively. This has a significant impact on our voice. The more resonance is created between the middle ear and the larynx, the freer the sound of the voice becomes. The vocal range expands by itself. Singing becomes easy and succeeds without effort, so that singers have the feeling that IT sings.