Neuro-functional voice training© individual lesson

In private lessons, the focus is on incorporating polyvagal theory into functional voice training. This also means that the latest neurobiological knowledge is incorporated into the voice work. 

The balancing of the laryngeal muscle systems and the middle ear muscles plays a supporting role. In addition to balancing, the muscle systems not only relate their own system, but also work together with other muscle systems in a coordinated manner, allowing feedback between the ear (hearing) and voice. This has far-reaching effects not only on the voice, which is thus liberated, but also on the consciousness and self-perception of the singer. In the connection between the ear and the voice, the autonomic nervous system is completely regulated. In addition, we work on the skin boundary, which is important for the development of the individual. These are prerequisites to experience the individual voice sound.

When the inner ear is involved in the feedback, there is the possibility to bring all the muscles in the body into balance, because they are controlled by the vestibular organ. Through the reconnection between the ear and the voice, the singer recovers his own power and is given tools in which he can not only learn to use his voice in a healthy way, but also regulate his autonomic nervous system. Thus, the self-organization of the voice and the whole body begins to take its natural course.

In this connection and development of individuality, culture is created, which is characterized by diversity, creativity, joy and love.

In addition, my task as a teacher is to bring about a co-regulation in the student. My job is to provide the safe space so that the student can engage with himself. This work is characterized by appreciation, openness and mindfulness.

In this work combines art in a new guise of beauty, as well as spirituality, which is grounded, as it is accomplished body-centered. To this integrates the aspect of healing, which is understood in terms of (self-) regulation.

With this, singers not only experience an easy and free access to their voice, but also the unfolding of their creativity, their true self-expression and the living of their love for art or singing.

I am a pioneer in this newly developed voice training, constantly developing and researching this work, so that my voice work is constantly changing.

Addition / Addendum: The work on the regulation of the nervous system has as a result that, for example, a hyperacusis, tinnitus, laryngitis, nodules in the vocal folds, so in acute vocal and acoustic/auditory problems, a regulating effect is noted. So it also concerns music medicine and keeping the voice and hearing healthy. I receive more and more inquiries from people who suffer from acute vocal or acoustic/auditory problems. Often the causes lie in early childhood traumatic experiences, i.e. in people who have experienced birth, attachment or developmental trauma. The middle ear, inner ear and larynx muscles in particular react to this. Thus, despite processing early childhood trauma in psychotherapy or trauma therapy, reactions of the voice or hearing can occur later due to a flashback, because usually the storage in the musculature and fascial tissue has not been treated or the autonomic nervous system has not been regulated via the musculature of the hearing and voice. 

Since this work takes some time, because we all sing more or less with compensation patterns that we have learned over many years, I offer this individual work only in packages. The exception is existing clients or students or clients who have already taken several hours. 

There is a 5-package with 5 hours a 60 minutes and a 10-package with 10 hours a 60 minutes. Installment payments are possible in principle. Please talk to me before a booking.

The lessons can be perceived both as face-to-face lessons or as online lessons. So that a GOOD HEARING is possible during an online lesson, I ask to use a good microphone and possibly an audioface. My voice work is based on my hearing and this is only possible if the technical requirements are given. 

Target group:
This offer is aimed at singers, speakers, actors, voice teachers and voice coaches.

Note: The demand is very high. The next appointments for new customers / new students are only possible again from September. In September, there are still a few free appointments for a free get-to-know conversation. From October on new packages can be started again. This does not apply to participants of the voice training program. 

For those interested more in self-awareness, the voice training program is a good offer. As part of the Voice Training Programthere is the option to book a 5-pack individual lessons/coaching.


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I had almost no experience with such a deep inner work via online. But Iris' podcasts inspired me so much that I really wanted to try it.
And I'm totally blown away by how wonderfully it works. Yes, it almost feels like the work is even more intense than when I'm in direct contact. It feels so good to be in my very own environment. I can give myself so directly to the work and not feel distracted by outside things.
I can absorb the impulses I get from Iris so well. I really like how unintentional and open the space is for me that she holds with her presence. In it I can open up and perceive the very subtle vibrations and perceptions within me. For me this is exactly the kind of presence I need, which helps me to feel myself. In many other coaching sessions I have always experienced a blockage in myself very quickly when I had the feeling that my coach wanted me to go somewhere. I don't have this feeling at all with Iris. Quite the opposite. It does me infinitely good to explore and discover my sound spaces, my soul, my body in this wide openness. There is space for my very own experience, and yet there is guidance and presence and being seen.
This is an incredibly great gift for me.
And I like the way Iris herself engages with what is and what she feels. That there is no program she is running, but trust in a greater wisdom, in her intuition, and openness to exploring and asking rather than knowing.
I can feel it so much in my soul, how much this deeply feminine way of working is
is transforming me.
But I must not expect this transformation. It happens precisely within these qualities of openness, trust in the invisible, intangible. It is not a result, but an ever new engagement.
I am very grateful that I can make this experience.
I have already worked a lot with my voice, but I realize how important it is for me to let myself be accompanied in this wonderful way. Where old things want to dissolve and new things want to grow, we often don't really get anywhere on our own. At least that is my experience right now.

Gila Antara
Singer & songwriter

Iris Hammermeister leads people with a lot of empathy and a special gift to ask the right questions, to the unique experience of how much potential is in each of us. By feeling the power of our voice again, we also find our own primal power.

Jenny Döring
Industrial Engineer

Iris is a sensitive, approachable and highly present companion. Her voice work is unique and brings you in touch with your very own core of being, which shows itself in the voice. It was a wonderful experience. Thank you, Iris.

Claudia Hirrle
Coach, singer, Praxis Pan

A single session that was filmed: