True expression transforms our lives

Published on 09/13/2019 in Newslights What more can voice express than our true being? I can still remember this lively, lively, joyful and cheeky child. It was a very expressive child, but often parents do not like such lively children very much, at least not in my generation of war grandchildren. So it literally promised me speech and I stopped speaking early and with that I lost not only my voice but also my true expression. To the expression belonged my whole being, my whole being, my presence, my love, joy and liveliness, which buried itself inside. So the expression became an inner pressure. Liberation through one’s own voice What happened to me is not an isolated case and is experienced by most people. In my case it was certainly very pronounced, which has to do with the fact that my soul had resolved for this life to remember my true self and to liberate it through my voice, through singing. In this, nothing else can free us from our prison more effectively than the voice. So for many women in particular, it’s about raising their voice, proclaiming their truth, getting access to their inner voice in the first place. As a singer, I know how much happiness and love singing can mean, but also fear and shame. Singing in front of people or on a stage takes overcoming your own survival pattern, coming out of hiding when you couldn’t live your own expression as a child. Many singers feel that they are singing against a glass wall, that despite good training they cannot really reach and live their potential. This is not possible even with technique, behind which many singers hide. It is about true artistic expression that can get us out of our prison. But, there are hardly any teachers who know this and teach in such a way that one’s own potential is at least recognized. I would have liked to have a teacher on my vocal path, who accompanies me in my true expression, because when we succeed in expressing our true being, then a total transformation takes place in life. This requires the courage and willingness to fully engage with ourselves and with feelings that lie dormant within us. Living and expressing the deep love within us is our liberation At some point I realized that singing brings me so close to my feelings that it always cost me an effort to practice. At first I thought that it was about fear of showing myself or shame or condemnation that I was afraid of. However, I realized that my greatest fear was to encounter this deep love. This indescribable unconditional love that I have for music, especially for singing. There is simply no escape, my heart inevitably responds to my singing and I cannot control it. Ultimately, it’s about expressing that love through song. I believe that for all people, it is about remembering and expressing this unconditional love. To do this, each person has brought a particular gift and experienced their own unique story that wants to be healed with it. I do this through the voice and accompany people into their true artistic expression and show them how to free their potential and live their creativity. When we fully engage with this love, it transforms our lives and lifts the sense of separation. Part of this turning point is giving ourselves to life with all our love and gifting others with our gifts. We begin to share, to be-gifted. This is exactly the point where co-creation arises, where we live our creative power. I teach how to do this in a new improvisation method – Improphyis®, which is based on physiology. After all, the body itself is our embodied creation. In it the universe is mapped, in it the potential, our true self is waiting to be released. Thus, in Improphysis® the potential of the circles, of the community is used. That is where lived knowledge, lived being, takes place. It is where we live communal musical creation processes in which we experience a deep connection to ourselves, our voice, our body, others, the universe and God. It is lived love you beauty that finds its expression through a community.