The arts are our greatest asset – So is the voice, the singing In the last few days I have been very much concerned with creativity. I studied Joseph Beuys, read books, went inside myself and wrote down all my thoughts and what I feel in a notebook until I realized how significant creativity really is. What does creativity even mean and why is it talked about so little? Why does it play such a small role when it comes to the arts or healing??? I followed an inner hunch and noticed that being involved with creativity and the arts made me feel alive. Whenever I thought about it, including my self-developed improvisation method Improphysis®, there was an inner excitement, a joy, a high energy like I used to have as a little girl. For me it is not easy to follow the longing for the arts. I often get distracted and quickly into topics related to healing, to trauma, etc., but realize more and more clearly that I am tired of all the heaviness and suffering. The focus on creativity and artistic expression, reflects to me the view of beauty, of love, of the splendor and grandiosity of this world that gets far too little attention. Working with Dr. Joe Dispenza, the quantum field or zero point field showed me that there is also another way of transformation. It is no longer necessary that we have to go through pain. By means of various meditations or also methods that use quantum physics, people experience quite quickly that they can raise their own vibration and thus unfold their creative power. However, even these people are not spared from doing regular exercises to keep this energy. Ultimately, this also unfolds the creative potential. The importance and task of the arts have been forgotten However, I am surprised that the arts do not play a role here. It seems not to be known that we can increase our own vibration for example over the singing or the tinting also and we take up in particular over the voice sound contact with the quantum field / zero point field. Tone or singing can likewise increase the natural frequency in a short time and unfold the creative potential. After all, singing is nothing other than vibration and frequency. Again, regular practice is essential to maintain these high frequencies. What is creativity anyway? I have asked myself this question for a long time. I have come to the conclusion that creativity is the expression of the Divine or Light. Ultimately, what we really are. This closes the circle for me when it comes to the original task of the arts. This has always been to express the divine spark. To make oneself available as a vessel to give expression to this beauty and love. Unfortunately, this has fallen into oblivion and is not taught or discussed. Rather, it is significant to adapt the sound of the voice to a so-called ideal, also here the adaptation to the outside is clearly noticeable. What does creativity have to do with love? For me it became clear that creativity has quite a lot to do with love. Ultimately, it expresses love, love is lived and brought into the world. The divine spark is for me nothing else than just this incredible high vibration of love. So the arts have the task of expressing this incredibly high vibration of love. And, klaro, if we come into contact with such high vibrations, then we ourselves vibrate immediately higher and to forget here is not that singers and musicians once loved the music or the singing so and therefore studied. Unfortunately, this also does not play a role in the study of singing or music. At some point, the love is forgotten, buried, because musicians also adapt to the given circumstances and this area has it particularly hard when it comes to financial survival. People tend to look more at how they can pay the rent next month than at their love for music. And I can well remember that I too had buried this incredibly deep love for music, for quite a long time even. Sometime during a seminar at the Lichtenberg Institute, I remembered again and it was very moving for me, as if I had met an ancient great love again. This cannot be compared to the love between a man and a woman. It is a different love, a superior love, a greater love. In our true nature, we are all creative and all artists In discussing Joseph Beuys, I completely agree with him that we all have creative potential within us and are all artists as well. Creativity goes beyond the arts and is rather. If creativity has so much to do with love and expresses it, then yes, we are also love, we are Divine. So we are also all creative and artists – artists of life. In all of us there is also this longing for creative and artistic development, because it comes so close to our essence. We express our self with it. We express with it the beauty, the variety, the colorfulness of this life and this world, we have forgotten all this. Our greatest wound is the creative wound As children, we still see the world with colorful eyes, have an incredible amount of imagination, are very close to the imagination, play roles and live in our very own world. There we are still creative, playful, curious, exploring the world, nature and ourselves with an alert mind. There we are all excited when we discover something new, joyful and connected to our light. We are like butterflies learning to spread our wings and fly. Quite quickly we lose that sparkle, the glitter in our eyes, the joyful and sensual curiosity. There we are trimmed down, not seen, not really perceived and have to function. We are raised to be functioning consumers, losing our voice, our connection to ourselves and our light, becoming silent, folding in, remaining small, silent and lonely. School only makes all of this worse. School has always been the horror for me. Performance is required, not so much an alert questioning mind. Our liveliness disappears visibly, our connection to the light, our expression of this light, our fantasies, ideas, dreams, playfulness and curiosity dies. Everything that makes us, our expression of being, what we are and what we feel, is criticized, not understood, devalued and made small. Our wings are clipped so that we fold up and freeze. All that we are has been hurt, disregarded and leaves a deep wound. An eating wound and a love wound. When we are creative and express this as love, we carry deep love wounds within us. Life is characterized by unfulfilled love When I look back on my life, including the discussion of the last few days on the subject of creativity, it became so clear to me that my life consisted of unfulfilled love or loving and by this I do not mean a singledom, which I do not have. My unrequited love started with the unrequited love for my father. For many years I longed for my father’s love. By unrequited love I mean love not lived, love not shown or expressed. I was such a bubbly, lively and cheeky child. Loud and demanding and I was cut down to size until I stopped talking. I’m sure my creative wound is immensely high. My longing for music or desire to learn an instrument was not seen or supported. This would certainly have given me a possibility of my creative expression. So this love for music also remained unanswered for the time being. Often it is also unfulfilled loves in partnerships, unfulfilled loves in our professions (vocation),… So everything accumulates in us and sometimes it even implodes or we just get sick. So much held in, so much frozen love, so much separation from our love, simply so much solidification. No wonder that illnesses often seek their own creative expression. When we unfold our creative potential, love starts to flow again and there is a lot of healing in this creative flow, because we also connect with the universal field / zero point field. We can do this through meditations, through various methods that use the quantum field or even through the arts and unfortunately this is still much less known, because the original task of the arts has also been forgotten. In survival mode we cannot develop our creative potential Our creative wounds lead us to hide, duck, function, feel disconnected from life, adapt, have no access to our inner voice, our intuition and our power. We survive. All our cells are either on fight or flight. Fear rules our lives. Our body vibrates low and this is partly reflected in illnesses that show us that now is the time to change our life. The hard part is that it is so normal and we don’t know it any other way that we often don’t even realize we are in survival mode. If you don’t feel much, how can you notice that you don’t feel anything anymore? Ultimately, only if after many years you once had an experience in which you felt and then realize that you lived your whole life dulled and numb. Our parents represent this system and do not really see who we are in truth. Namely, divine spiritual beings with wonderful gifts, incredible creativity and creative power. So at some point we ourselves believe that we are what our parents saw in us, because they were no different. So we walk around with an image of ourselves that surely does not bode well. So we remain small and live adapted in a mass of people who do the same. It is a comatose state, which is also so wanted by the system. Because people who have unfolded their creativity are no longer functioning consumers. In this state, we are more concerned with security than with experimentation. The unfolding of your creative potential, however, requires courage and leaving old paths behind. This can result in your whole life changing, your image of yourself no longer being correct, you can’t stand all this positivity at first because you are still so identified with a negative self-image that doesn’t correspond to the truth. How do we get out of the survival mode? The heart center is crucial!
Basically, we are all in this mode and the vibration of our bodies is correspondingly low. Dr. Joe Dispenza says that our energy, our life force dwells mostly in the 1st and 2nd chakras and we are in survival mode until the 3rd chakra. The big leap is to allow our energy to rise up to the 4th chakra. The heart chakra is elemental because it is from there that the universal force responds and we begin to synchronize with it. It is in the heart center that our creativity begins to unfold. So the leap into the heart is elementary for the liberation from old images, thoughts, patterns and the path to love. The difficult thing is that we are confronted with our love wounds in the heart chakra and have therefore avoided going there. Joseph Beuys spoke about showing one’s wound. Through the arts we can express it. This is a way of raising our vibration. Through it, we show our wounding and stop hiding. How can voice work here? My voice work is also about the connection between the womb space and the vocal apparatus. We use it to pull the hara into the higher planes and connect earth and heaven. In addition, an inner upliftment takes place that connects us to the cosmic field, zero point field. In the womb space, rather in the uterus is the place of creativity. This is our space of creation. Therefore, the womb space is elemental to the unfolding of creativity. Our voice is connected to it. Through certain tones with visualizations, movements and breathing we can raise our energy. The voice is an instrument of creation! The throat is the place of expression, the seat of truth. In the womb we create, new things come into being and yes, new life grows there and in the vocal apparatus we express this creation. The two inevitably belong together. It absolutely needs the expression of this creation. With it we activate our power of creation, our creativity can unfold. So the voice is always involved in creation processes. Aboriginal people say that singing created the world. So the voice is an instrument of creation. The fascial network is the microcosm and the receiving tissue of the cosmos Through singing we connect with the universal field, the zero point field. This happens especially when we bring the fascial network into vibration. The zero point field (universal field) is permeated with a grid through which light, energy and information flow. This is exactly what happens with the fascial network within us. For me, the fascial network is the parallel organ to the grid in the universal field. You could also call it a microcosm. Meanwhile, it is also said about the fasciae that they are our 6th sense organ. The fasciae are the receiving tissue of the cosmos, of cosmic vibrations, and when we vibrate them through our voice, incredibly high frequencies are created in our vocal sound. The vocal cords are made of fascia, the vocal apparatus is richly endowed with them, so it is also the interface with the cosmos. Sound connects between worlds. Music and art connect the worlds, if we see ourselves as a vessel of this creation and make ourselves available to let this wonderful creation, characterized by beauty, express itself through us, then we have fulfilled our task. In all cells, in every plant, in every stone, water,… this incredible love is expressed, is therefore characterized by creativity. If we bring the fascial tissue into vibration through singing or tones, our body vibration increases within shortest time, by a multiple and it is basically very simple. We don’t have to go through pain again here or ask any questions about the cause. In a group, all of us bringing our fascia into vibration through tones, this happens quickly and easily. We then quickly experience connection with ourselves and the greater whole. Co-creativity is the prerequisite for social change This is the ideal prerequisite to now develop our own creative potential in a group, but also to experience co-creative processes. In Voice Improphysis®, a physiological voice improvisation, we do exactly that in the Improphysis® seminars. We are involved in co-creative processes. Ultimately, this experience shows us that we can also create our own lives, that we are creators and that our lives are works of art. Through the vocal improvisations and vibrations of the fasciae, our creative power connects with the great creator. We experience ourselves as part of a whole. Our music synchronizes with the music of the universe. Thus our own creativity connects with the creativity of the universe and we come home. We bring back the joy, the liveliness, the diversity, the individuality, the colorfulness, the curiosity, the beauty and our spirit of exploration. Our system is destroying itself more and more. In order to create a new system, it needs the creative power, it needs creative people. Co-creativity plays a central role in this, which we can practice and learn in improvisation. Creativity, then, has a great power that resides within us and that will transform ourselves and the world. So it is no coincidence that the arts are being given less and less value, that music and art are being promoted less and less, thus freezing people’s creativity more and more. It’s no coincidence that creativity is given so little importance, that the arts are given so little appreciation. But, the arts also need to change, because the way we experience and understand them now makes no sense. Therefore, musicians and artists are needed to transform themselves and remind us of the original purpose of the arts – to express the divine spark. That is pure creativity! That is pure love! It is the arts, it is co-creativity that accomplishes this transformation of the world. May 2019, Iris Hammermeister © Text: Copyright Iris Hammermeister © Images: Copyright Panthermedia, License Iris Hammermeister