The polyvagal specialists in conversation

In this podcast I ask Stephanie Maurer questions about polyvagal theory, developmental psychology, music, frequencies, hearing and trauma. You will find specialized knowledge that you can only get here.  This knowledge is unique and helps to understand why we are the way we are and what we can do to become who we want to be. Music plays a big role in this. We clear up irritating and wrong concepts and old knowledge. 

Stephanie Maurer: She has dealt intensively with hearing in her first profession as a concert cellist, music educator and singer/speaker. She now works in private practice as a body and trauma therapist for developmental trauma, is the founder and trainer of Neuro Yoga® and specializes in the polyvagal nervous system and neuromuscular patterns. She is passionate about imparting knowledge in a way that helps us understand ourselves and our individual natures – and sees neurodiversity as the basis for peaceful coexistence.

Iris Hammermeister: She is a classically trained alto, vocal coach, trauma & systems therapist. She researched for many years on the effects of the two world wars on singing, speech and voice. She developed Neuro-functional Voice Education, a new vocal pedagogy based on polyvagal theory. She is now an internationally sought-after voice expert. Her mission is to usher in a new era of music in which beauty regains space and the focus is on the individuality of each artist. 

Ear, Skin, Borders - a podcast about security

Did you know that the ear already hears when our heart begins to beat? Did you know that the ear is connected to our social nervous system? Did you know that we establish our safety in every moment through frequency selection? The ear develops very early in our lives. In parallel, the skin connects to the nervous system. In this podcast, we explore how the ear hears, what the skin and ear have in common with boundary setting and neuroregulation, and how we reconcile all these exciting connections using polyvagal theory.

This podcast is a recording and lasts 53 minutes.

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How we can use the great healing power of music to get back in touch with ourselves and our environment.

Frequencies and rhythms have a direct influence on our listening organs and our skin and affect our polyvagal nervous system in terms of security and connection. The ability to listen to our own rhythms and tones is formed very early in our childhood. Living in our own rhythm is not a priority in our performance and economy oriented society and this also shapes our approach to music. Pressure and speed reflect our nervous system. In this podcast we get to the bottom of how music can come back into its healing power – from an educational, therapeutic and developmental trauma point of view.

The podcast costs 27.37 euros including VAT and is available for 4 weeks as a streaming video.