The team introduces itself:

Iris Hammermeister, Institute Founder and Director.


She is a classically trained contralto, vocal pedagogue, trauma & systems therapist. She spent many years researching the effects of the two world wars on singing, speech and voice. She developed Neuro-functional Voice Education, a new vocal pedagogy based on polyvagal theory. She is now an internationally sought-after voice expert. Her mission is to usher in a new era of music, in which beauty regains space and the individuality of each artist is in focus.

Your special talent includes not only her exceptional hearing or her distinctive perception, but also the ability to regulate people co. Iris manages to convey security and confidence in a short time, so that intensive change processes are possible. In addition, she brings a special knowledge, which is unique in the world. 

Iris is an author and is currently writing a book about her extensive research regarding voice, early childhood trauma and the nervous system, which will be available in 2022. 

Ursula Huggenberger


Ursula has completed the training as a “Voice Balance” educator with me and is now participating in the advanced training “The Polyvagal Theory in Functional Voice Education”. 

She has completed an incredible amount of advanced training and is very close to the topic of hearing and voice. She has learned hearing regeneration with Anton Stucki. In addition, Indian singing, Nada Yoga.

Ursula lives and works in Switzerland (Fideris) and also in Austria (Vienna). She also offers online sessions that can be arranged through our booking system. 

Claudia Hirrle

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Claudia is a non-medical practitioner for psychotherapy, certified social pedagogue, online coach and singer. She is happily married, mother of two children and foster mother of a child with traumatic background. She lives on the edge of the Black Forest. In her own practice, her focus isin the (online) accompaniment of women in meaning and life crisesamong other thingswith methods from psychodrama, Gestalt therapy and energetic work. In many advanced training courses she has refined and developed her knowledge of trauma, transgenerational transmission of trauma, personality development and the influence of creative methods on the healing of psychological wounds She sang for years in choirs and vocal ensembles, solo performances belonged. She participated in the 1st run of the voice training program and now attends the training in neuro-functional voice training. Claudia works in the team as assistance in the voice training program and accompanies the therein emerging processes in the group and individuals. Her vision is to accompanyexpectant mothers and women about the voice work tointerrupt transgenerational trauma transmission.Singing and voice is the way to get there.


Bettina Böhm


Bettina is the IT fairy of my institute. 

She looks after the IT and the server. Bettina makes sure that the institute’s equipment is up to date, takes care of our storage technology and software. She solves our technical problems and gets the necessary EDP equipment. I have become a NUC lover because of Bettina. 

She has been passionate about IT since the 1980s. She lives her interest in technology and is passionate about IT. It is important to Bettina to make it as easy as possible for the user to use. She is happy to share her extensive knowledge of hardware, networking, storage technology and software. In the process, she accompanies private customers, self-employed and companies in all matters relating to IT. 

I am very happy to have her in my team. As an online entrepreneur, I rely on reliable and competent professionals. 

More team members coming soon!