The Safe and Sound Protocol (SSP) by Stephen Porges

Nurture and regulate the nervous system. 

The Safe and Sound Protocol, or SSP, is a non-invasive application of polyvagal theory based on decades of research and developed by Dr. Stephen Porges, chief scientific advisor to Unyte.

The efficacy of the SSP has been demonstrated in a variety of studies, most notably two clinical trials involving children with autism spectrum disorder. Study participants showed statistically significant improvements in:

  • emotional control
  • behavioral organization
  • hearing sensitivity and listening


Explanatory videos (in German):

Video 1st part:
What is polyvagal theory and what discoveries did Stephen Porges make? 
How does SSP work anatomically?

Video 2nd part:
For whom is the SSP suitable? 
Which symptoms are suitable and which are not? 
What experience has been made with it?

Video 3rd part:
The history of the SSP and development of the APP during the Corona crisis.
An online offer for adults and children.
What sound programs are there?
What is the difference between SSP-Connect, Core, Balance and Classic?
What breaks should you make and how often can you listen to it?
What is the procedure after booking?


What you hear and how you hear it affects how the body responds.

Listening is associated with the vagus nerve, the body’s internal control center for processing and responding to cues and signals from the world around us. The SSP uses specially filtered music to train the neural network associated with listening to focus on the frequency range of the human voice

We look, talk and listen with the same system. When the voice changes, the body responds. When we learn to focus on the sound frequencies of human speech through the SSP program, the vagus nerve is stimulated and the state of feeling safe and calm becomes accessible.

The proof is in the playlists. Specially treated music playlists are part of the SSP program and help regulate the nervous system by exposing it to different sound frequencies. Listening to these playlists through over-ear headphones helps the nervous system achieve balance or “homeostasis” more easily. 

One SSP - 3 Paths: Connect ("Connect"), Core ("Core"), Balance ("Balance")

The complete SSP program includes three main paths. Each of the SSP paths consists of different filtered, unfiltered and soothing 5-hour music playlists for children or adults. The SSP paths are designed to help the nervous system better receive, process and respond to cues and signals from the world around us. This helps us learn how to feel lighter and more steady in the face of life’s challenges.

The new SSP concept, expanded by Prof. Stephen Porges, is divided into 3 different modules (+1 an extra module “SSP-Classic”), which can be used consecutively over several months to achieve even better results. Use the SSP online from home now with our new SSP app offer up to 6 months as often as you want. Customers / clients who have already used the SSP protocol in the framework of the intensive days in the freiraum-Institut Stein am Rhein for themselves and then want to deepen and consolidate the Middle Ear Muscle / Vagus Training sustainable-own responsibility, can thus deepen the training further with 3 new additional SSP programs. Furthermore we offer a variant for children and adults. Of course, our customers are also free to simply continue using only the Core SSP product on a monthly basis. 

The “SSP-Classical-” and “SSP-Connect- Programs” (adults/children) belong to the first phase of the SSP training lasting several months and serve to warm up and calm the nervous system in order to additionally establish a certain familiarity and security in advance. SSP-Classical consists mainly of grounding classical music with emphasis on relaxation frequencies. It can also be very well combined with movement exercises from Qi-Gong, Thai-Chi, Yoga, Pilates, TRE or Feldenkrais. SSP-Connect consists of the unfiltered SSP-Core program and serves to establish safety, orientation and familiarity. Classical and Connect can be listened to 5 days each 1h (also multiple times) – but not both programs at the same time but each run 5 days for itself and best with a break in between.   

The SSP Core is the original SSP program, as it has been used by thousands of providers and tens of thousands of customers worldwide since its release in March 2017. It is Dr. Stephen W. Porges’ patented intervention to reduce stress and hearing sensitivity while improving social engagement, resilience, and hardiness. Clinically, SSP Core remains exactly the same in the enhanced version, using the same algorithms to modulate the frequencies and acoustic energy of the music.

The SSP Balance (adults/children) is a low-filtered version of SSP Core. It is used to integrate and sustainably anchor what has been achieved. Since each session is filtered in the same way, the pieces here do not need to be heard in order. It is also possible to listen to the same track for several days. Maximum listening time/day is 1h. 

SSP "Core" adults -online

For 1 month:

115,00 Euro

Offer 1 month of SSP core sound treatment for adults online at home or on the go via mobile app (a cell phone and ear-enclosing headphones are required – the installation process is in English.

SSP "Core" adults & children online

For 1 month:

145,00 Euro

Offer 1 month of SSP Core sound treatment for adults and children online at home or on the go via mobile app (a cell phone and ear-encapsulating headphones are required – the installation process is in English.

SSP "Connect, Core & Balance "Erwachsene - online

For 6 months:

415,00 Euro

Offer for 6 months SSP sound protocol all 3 paths (Connect-Core-Balance) (+ additional program Classical!) online at home or on the go via cell phone app (a cell phone and ear-enclosing headphones are required – the installation process is in English for adults. Use the SSP according to Prof. Stephen Porges as often as you like during the 6 months!

SSP "Connect, Core & Balance "Adults & Children online.

For 6 months:

535,00 Euro

Offer for 6 months SSP sound protocol all 3 paths (Connect-Core-Balance) (+ additional program Classical!) online at home or on the go via mobile app (a cell phone and ear-enclosing headphones are required – the installation process is in English) for adults and children. Use the SSP according to Prof. Stephen Porges as often as you like during the 6 months!

With the purchase of the time-limited SSP online use, the buyer expressly waives the statutory right of withdrawal for digital products. We refer to our AGB`s!

App installation
The “MyUniyte-App” is in English. You need an Android smartphone min. V5 or higher or an Apple smartphone with min. IOS V12 or higher. Furthermore, you need 1.5 GB free memory and should be able to install and use an app in terms of technical understanding. An explanatory video for setup can be found here

The SSP does not replace psychotherapy or direct 1:1 coaching by a professionally trained companion, but is a complementary tool on the path of personal development and self-regulation. The application takes place on one’s own responsibility. Use the programs max. 30 minutes a day (or less in case of increased inner activation of the autonomic nervous system) and take breaks (except for the “Classical”) 2-3 weeks after complete program runs (10 days). 

Additional Coaching

For singers I offer an additional coaching package. As part of the training in neuro-functional voice training, the SSP is part of the training. 

Note: For individual coaching you currently have to expect a waiting time of 3 – 5 months!

My experience with the SSP:

In my voice work I use the SSP and have not only had very good experiences with regard to a regulation of the autonomic nervous system, but have also noticed changes in the sound of the voice and in the ability to hear. In addition to the SSP, I teach special voice exercises to the participants of my further education and training, which not only strengthen the effect of the SSP, but also integrate it. Participants describe that they can sing more easily and without problems in high pitch. The effort required for singing and speaking is significantly reduced, tinnitus and hyperacusis disappear partially and completely, passaggio succeeds without problems, vocal range increases, and the voice becomes significantly more flexible and free. Fear of performing diminishes. In addition, a changed thinking set in and significantly more joy of playing and creativity.

In people with chronic diseases, I could see a significant reduction in inflammatory processes. Symptoms that lasted for years gradually disappeared. Sleep became significantly better. A very good effect was seen in autoimmune and chronic diseases, especially the regeneration of the skin, periodontal disease, neuritis, allergies, asthma and many others. It showed greater vitality and a stronger immune system. Overall, the TN reported more energy and well-being.

The way SSP works is similar to my voice work. The changes in the middle ear and larynx muscles are brought about with specific vocal exercises that regulate the autonomic nervous system. When people are in a strong dorsal vagus (congealing mode), sound treatment through SSP can bring about a rapid disruption of the inability to act and lead people into activity. 



She is the specialist when it comes to questions about the voice. Her voice work is based on the polyvagal theory. Due to her own chronic illnesses, she set out to discover that the ventral vagus nerve is the self-healing nerve of the future and that all important cranial nerves leading to regulation of the autonomic nervous system are activated via the voice and hearing. She sees incredible healing potential in this. She has been able to experience the SSP herself as very healing.