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The next run to the voice training program starts on 05/31/2021

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Voice Training Program for Women of the New Era

This voice training program is for women who want to unfold their feminine power, find access to their voice, bring the new into the world, become visible and audible. This requires courage, clarity and connection with our primal power that sits in our womb space. The connection between the vocal apparatus and the womb space is elementary here to bring creative ideas and projects into the world.

Success comes through fulfillment. We experience fulfillment with authenticity and presence when we follow the voice of our heart and show up.

The voice program needs no prior knowledge and is aimed at all interested people as well as singers, voice teachers, amateurs and also self-employed women who use their voice professionally, who stand on stage or speak in front of groups.

Once we have access to our individual and special abilities, we become present and the fire within us is ignited. That is what this program aims to do. It’s not about teaching any techniques to sound beautiful. It is about truthfulness and authenticity, because that is exactly what the world needs now. Colorful, diverse, vibrant voices that stand out and show themselves through individual solutions and offerings.

As of 05/31/21, we are offering this voice training program.

The program consists of 5 lessons (videos) in which the basic principles are presented. These are:

  1. Bonding & Relationship: The resonance principle.
  2. Verticalization: connection between the vocal apparatus and the womb space.
  3. .

  4. Suction: Way inward – connection to our body
  5. .

  6. Polyvagal theory according to Stephen Porges: Regulation of the autonomic nervous system
  7. .

  8. Interior spaces: Boundaries interior – & exterior spaces
  9. .

Note: This program is for private use and not to be used for your own business purposes. The copyright is held by Iris Hammermeister. Those who want to work professionally with the voice can train in this voice teaching.

Start date: 05/31/21.

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