Podcast 2 with Stephanie Maurer and Iris Hammermeister


This podcast is a recording and is available for streaming video for 4 weeks

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“How we can use the great healing power of music to reconnect with ourselves and our environment.”

A podcast with Stephanie Maurer and Iris Hammermeister.

Frequencies and rhythms have a direct impact on our auditory organs and skin, influencing our polyvagal nervous system in terms of safety and connection. The ability to listen to our own rhythms and tones is formed very early in our childhood. Living in our own rhythm is not a priority in our performance and economy oriented society and this also shapes our approach to music. Pressure and speed reflect our nervous system. In this podcast we get to the bottom of how music can come back into its healing power – from an educational, therapeutic and developmental trauma perspective.

This podcast is a recording and lasts 48 minutes.

It costs 23,00 Euro plus 19% VAT and is available as a streaming video for 4 weeks.

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