Advanced training “The polyvagal theory in functional voice training”.


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Continuing Education “The Polyvagal Theory in Functional Voice Training”

In this advanced training we focus on the control of our voice or larynx. Although there are singing schools that claim that the larynx is not controllable, therefore does not seem to be influenced at will. When we train the muscles of vocal function and they work in coordination with each other and there is an interplay between the muscle systems and the vowels, we not only learn a natural and healthy vocal function, we also regulate our autonomic nervous system with it. In addition, there is functional LISTENING. This has to do with reclaiming self-empowerment. This requires anatomical knowledge of the muscular culture of vocalization and its nerve supply. This means that with this knowledge we also regain control over our voice and larynx, just as we regain control over our lives when we regulate our autonomic nervous system. This not only has an impact on our singing and speaking, that thus happens with less effort and pressure, it also has an impact on our psyche, which primarily affects our voice.


Start: 07/24/21 or 09/18/21.

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