Offers - online

  1. Here you will find an overview of the offers. 

Since last year we can only work online due to the Corona regulations, there are currently no face-to-face events. When this was temporarily still possible in 2020, however, it became apparent that the fears of contagion were so great that many TN canceled their registrations at short notice or did not even show up for the event. 

As soon as the situation has calmed down, however, and presence offers are possible again, I will again create offers in which we meet in person. This is something that music cannot do without.

Please note that a good internet connection is required for participation in online offerings, preferably wired and not via wifi. In addition, there is a good microphone, which you can already get quite cheap. An audio interface would also be an ingenious way to significantly improve the sound quality.

The current offers are:

  1. Voice Training Program Start: 31.5. 21
  2. Day Workshops (Webinar) / Basic I and II “The Polyvagal Theory in Voice Practice”
  3. Further Training “Polyvagal theory in functional voice training”
  4. Professional training in “Neuro-functional voice training” according to Iris Hammermeister
  5. Neuro-functional voice training – private lessons
  6. Safe and Sound Protocol (SSP) from end of May 2021