On the great importance of artistic expression
When we came into the world, we were little works of art, pure expression. We did not yet have any filters through which we controlled our thoughts, actions and feelings. We were pure, natural, alive, curious, wanting to explore the world. Children often say without “putting their hand over their mouth” what they think or show their feelings, scream, laugh, cry… We are expression, we are connected, shining in the light of the divine spark. There we are still without history, without experiences. Very quickly we are shown what we are allowed to say, to think and to feel, so we are truncated and thwarted in our expression. So we fold up over the years and form a cocoon around us. So we go back into the amniotic sac and contract, stay small, can hardly move in this confinement. We restrict ourselves in everything, adapt, function, forget this little work of art that we once were. The cocoon colors our perception and view of the world and ourselves, it is already so thick that we can only see through it foggy. Everything accumulates inside us. There is sometimes a pressure from inside, something that pushes out – the gas pedal and at the same time this cocoon is there, in which our history has been filed away, our traumas, our experiences and it is the handbrake that is directed against the gas pedal.
We get hotter, we have a lump in our throat, we speak in a squeezed way, we have trouble breathing, we fall silent, we can’t speak anymore, we feel an inner tension and we don’t know how to release it.
Now, when I work with people on their artistic expression, it shows me that it is crucial to do this on the basis of a song, a piece, a work of art. This can also be an improvisation. This song or this work of art is outside our history. It represents the expression of the divine spark, what we were as little children (and never lost). We orient ourselves to this work of art and not to our history, which is marked by trauma. The artwork represents not only the divine spark, but also the beauty, the joy, the liveliness,… At the beginning of the work on the artistic expression, we are still inside our history, the more we approach the song, the artwork, the more we strip off our history. Layer after layer is peeled away from the cocoon.
It takes courage to go through this cocoon, but in the end there is the work of art, the song that you become again. It is like a birth that is finally accomplished and leads to freedom. In the end, you are not singing this song, but you are it, you are this work of art again, the divine spark. You go through your history, leave it behind and your beauty, which was always in you, comes out and shines in a glittering light.

© Text: Iris Hammermeister
© Photo: Pixabay