Film project "Women raise their voices"

At the end of April, when we were still in lockdown, it was very quiet around me. I wondered, where have all the women’s voices gone? Again and again I heard in the past years that women will bring this change into the world and the female power is now unfolding. So I decided quite spontaneously to launch a film project. 

I invited women to raise their voices and answer 2 questions, “How am I doing in this special time and what do I wish for?” 

These questions were deliberately chosen because for me this time, is about establishing a new culture of relationships that is borne of opening up, sharing and showing up. So women often have the issue of not showing themselves and seeming invisible. I was amazed by quite a few video submissions. Some of them touched me very much. They showed the colorfulness and diversity of women. Unfortunately, I could not consider all contributions, because I did not want the film to last longer than an hour. So I had to make a selection. 

I would like to take this opportunity to thank from the bottom of my heart all the women who participated. Thank you for your courage, your hope and your wise words!!!!!! 

Since I am not a filmmaker, please be lenient about editing the film. I really appreciate donations as it was not only a lot of time I invested, but also money for external audio editing and a software program I had to buy. 

Donations can be made here:


May this film give us confidence, hope and strength! Sharing strongly encouraged!!!!!