Books & Congresses

I always participate in book projects and am often invited as an expert at online congresses. In recent years, there have been many congresses where I have shared my knowledge and experience. 

The book can be purchased in all bookstores and costs 14.40 euros or can be ordered directly from Christa Langheiter

The most recent book is by Christa Langheiter. “Free from Hashimoto” is a book full of healing stories of women, which is especially close to my heart in this difficult time. How we strengthen our immune system and how strong our self-healing powers are is not being addressed at all at this time. 

In this book you can also read my healing story, which should give courage that even so-called incurable diseases, are curable. Looking back, I can say that from the beginning of my life I had a chronically  dysregulated autonomic nervous system, which had led to chronic illnesses in my life. Finding and raising my voice led not only to the regulation of my nervous system, but also to my healing from serious illnesses.

My illnesses were my greatest teachers.

The Kriegsenkelkongress was a huge success. I spoke as an expert on the connection between trauma and the effects on the voice. 

This congress turned into a book in which you can read the essence of the experts’ contributions. To read is also my contribution. 
Prof. Ruppert has written the foreword, which I appreciate very much as a colleague. 

The War Grandchild Book mgives you courage and supports you in dealing with your family history.
It explains how trauma occurs and helps you understand yourself and your parents and grandparents.
It gives you ways to release old entanglements.
It helps you recognize and let go of old beliefs.
It inspires you to think new thoughts and give your life a new perspective.

The book costs 19.50 euros as a hardcover edition.


As an ambassador, fertility counselor and former sufferer Namiah Bauer builds a bridge between the expectant mom and her unborn child. She explains in an easy-to-understand way how you can get in touch with your desired child and invite it into your life. Loving exercises and effective affirmations support you to enter into stillness and feel the child’s soul.

  • Insightful accompaniment during the childbearing period, but also in mourning phases with miscarriages and stillbirths
  • Practical 21-day program “Time for Love” to change your perspective and make your world bigger
  • Inspiring encouragement interviews around childbearing, motherhood and femininity.

The encouragement interviews also included an interview with me. In this I report on my experiences with women who want to have children in the work with voice. These were always very successful.

In addition, I offered an advanced training for women who work with pregnant women and infertile women. The women learned to use singing during pregnancy and in the birth process. 

Here I would like to report on the current congresses. 

The Kriegenkelkongress starts from 13.7. – 22.7.21 in the 2nd round. This time with the theme “Out of trauma into your creative power”. I am happy to announce that my interview will be featured. In addition, there will be a bonus video in which I tell or give information about the polyvagal theory in my voice practice and show that we can only unfold our creative power if we have a regulated nervous system. 

Go here for the free registration


The Sing Dich Frei Congress was already very successful in 2018 with over 7,000 women. Christine Elisa Susa Dietrich seeks answers to the question in over 43 video interviews:

What does the sound of the voice reveal about myself?
How does my voice work?
Why is the voice the connection to the female elemental force?
How can I use the voice in everyday life as an anchor?
Why is the voice the mirror of my soul?
How can I relax my voice and thus myself?

From 17.6. – 26.6.21 you will get answers to these questions. Register here for free: registration

The Childhood Trauma Congress starts on 5/9/21 and ends on 5/16/2021, hosted by Stefan Kleinbichler. The theme of the congress is the mother wound or the importance of the relationship with the mother. 

Since the first contact and bonding experiences have a strong influence on the voice, my interview is also about the relationship between mother and voice.