Body intelligence and interstices

Yesterday I worked with a singer online. She noticed a pressure in her larynx while singing. I told her to ask her larynx what it needs in a very concrete or practical way to vibrate freely and sound to it. As she did so, she laughed and was so surprised at an immediate and very concrete answer. He said that the cervical vertebrae on the right side are too tight and tense and he gets pressure from that. I asked her how to fix that and she said that she knew a good physiotherapist who could fix that. I told her that the voice can also do that. She should imagine that the interspaces, where there is cartilaginous tissue between the vertebrae, that can just get bigger and expand. To do this, she can just tone and see what changes now with the larynx. She did this and could hardly believe the sounds that were suddenly conjured out of her mouth and that the cervical vertebrae actually reacted to this and that there was an inner straightening. Her larynx no longer felt pressure and was free.

It can be so simple. The body already knows, the organs know exactly the solution. All it needs, moreover, is space. In this case, space between the vertebrae – just interspace and what is interspace? Nothing but relationship… Every problem is a relationship problem… As soon as spaces and interspaces are created, this higher intelligence steps in and regulates everything. That’s how self-regulation works. This is how creation and nature works.

The voice itself, can initiate exactly this self-regulation, because it is our relationship instrument (interspace instrument).

© Text iris Hammermeister
© Photo Pixabay