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Summer break!!
We make the whole of August a summer break and can therefore emails and inquiries in this time not process!!! From the 1st of September we are back for you!!! Registrations and bookings are still possible!

NEW! Since the demand from abroad is growing, we have decided to offer our courses and podcasts with English subtitles. 

NEW! Basic Course I is being re-recorded without an audience, so you will be able to purchase this course as a streaming video starting in September. 

NEW! The great voice training program gets a makeover and is already available for the next run starting 9/19/21

NEW! We are developing a new program for professional or professional singers to prepare them for the new era of music and the arts. This includes developing new concert formats that are customized for each singer. 

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A new Facebook group for singers and vocal coaches!

The polyvagal theory in voice practice – a international group for singers and voice teachers

Since the interest in polyvagal theory in connection with voice and singing practice is growing and I am now getting requests from all over the world, I decided to start this group. It is for singers and voice teachers who are ready for a new era of the arts and who are open to a paradigm shift.
I am convinced that artists, especially singers, have an important role to play in this crisis. However, in order to do so, they must question the previous structures and be ready for change.

A new podcast: "The free voice" - A conversation with Donna Read.

It is about the special singing method of Cornelius Reid, who founded the functional voice training and recalled the bel canto technique. His vocal work was extraordinary because he grasped the whole person, first training the chest voice and the falsetto separately and then bringing them together. Donna was by Cornelius Reid’s side until his death. She teaches by his method and has continued to develop it. She teaches many musical performers on Broadway in New York and specializes in belting, in a healthy form. She is also an internationally sought-after vocal coach.

The polyvagal specialists in conversation. You get special knowledge that you get only here.

Ear, Skin, Borders - a podcast about security

How we can use the great healing power of music to reconnect with ourselves and our environment

New! "The Polyvagal Theory in Voice Practice" Basic Course I and II

Free from Hashimoto ... a book full of healing stories

The book by Christa Langheiter is completely new.

“Free from Hashimoto” is a book full of healing stories from women, which is particularly close to my heart during this difficult time. How we strengthen our immune system and how strong our self-healing powers are is currently not discussed at all.

In this book you can also read my healing story, which is supposed to encourage the fact that so-called incurable diseases are also curable. Looking back, I can say that from the beginning of my life I had a chronically dysregulated autonomic nervous system, which had led to chronic illnesses in my life. Finding and raising my voice not only regulated my nervous system but also helped me heal from serious illnesses.

The liberation of the voice...

In times of crisis, when singers or artists find it very difficult to survive, the very own voice is more in demand than ever. It needs a different pedagogy, but also new forms of arts and formats. It needs courageous singers and artists who go their own authentic way, who act connected to their heart and are willing to show themselves really open and vulnerable.

Singing, the arts urgently need creative minds that reclaim the beauty of singing through authenticity, truthfulness and presence. What good is an art that is hardly differentiated and in which capitalist structures play an increasingly important role? What about the diversity and individuality of each artist? Doesn’t our world only become colorful because there are so many different voices?

What about the longings, the dreams and visions of a singer? Where have they gone?

With my offers I would like to encourage singers, musicians and artists to go their very own way. The access to one’s own true voice plays a significant role, as well as the free sound. This includes the development of the creative potential.

My name is Iris Hammermeister. I am the founder of the Institute for Applied Improphysis®. I accompany singers, musicians and artists to their own voice. I am concerned with the free sound and the very individual authentic voice.

In my voice work it is about the self-organization of the voice. The ear plays an important role in this. To do this, we must learn to listen again. I believe that it is above all, about listening to non-sung sounds that can be found in the pauses and in the silence.

My listening skills are exceptionally good, coupled with a great love of singing and the arts, students often tell me they feel heard for the first time in my voice training.

My voice seminars now visit singers from home and abroad. Many have studied singing and then lost the easy and playful use of their voice, sometimes even the joy of singing. Almost all of them tell me that they can’t find access to their voice and its potential, even though they have been well trained and have tried many singing methods.

As a classically trained singer, voice coach, trauma and systems therapist, I have spent years researching the impact that first contact and attachment experiences have on our voice. I also focus on the creative potential and artistic expression. It is important to me that singers find their lost vitality again, free themselves from old constricting concepts and live their love for music, because the world needs exactly such singers. For me, the body plays a significant role in singing. It is available as a vessel through which the sound flows. All the more important is a permeable tissue. In my voice work, the muscles and fascia play a major role, especially when it comes to self-regulation of the whole system in conjunction with the singer’s formants. The fascia is one of the most vibrationally permeable tissues and when it vibrates, the rest of the tissue resonates with it.

The basis of my voice work is the polyvagal theory according to Stephen Porges. A voice can only free itself and unfold if we have a regulated autonomic nervous system. This is hardly taken into account in vocal pedagogy. This is where my extensive knowledge of developmental psychology and psychotraumatology comes in. Often singers seek help through hypnotherapeutic approaches and are not aware that the voice can re-regulate itself if you know what its natural function is. My approach, formed through polyvagal theory, corresponds to a new paradigm and is a completely different approach to voice training or voice development. I am the leading expert when it comes to merging polyvagal theory and voice development. Meanwhile, I am internationally active and in exchange with leading scholars from home and abroad and actively participate in research groups.

My research on the impact of the First and Second World Wars on our culture and voice, especially on artists, is elemental for a country of poets and artists whose so important heritage has been forgotten. Diversity, individuality and beauty are no longer in the foreground and I see an art that reflects the lost connection of artists to themselves. I see this current crisis as an opportunity to remind people what art really is and what makes an artist. After all, it is the artists who play a decisive role in the development of a society. Without art, dies a society and we will survive this crisis only with the art.

We need the artists, we need a colorful diverse culture, we need diverse voices, we need the arts – without them we will die an internal death.

We are facing a new era of music and art – a music that is allowed to touch again. An art in which spirituality and healing are reunited. An art in which artists use their ME, their individuality, as the basis for their artistic expression. This only succeeds when artists know who they really are.

Be bold, stand up and raise your voice!

I look forward to seeing you!




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“thank you very much for the WONDERFUL seminar and I wish you still very very much success with your super work. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”
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“from the bottom of my heart thank you for the experience of sound healing power (once again 🙂 ) . i had felt in advance that i could find an important further step for the healing of my body signal in your seminar. and so it happened.”
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“Dear Iris, from the bottom of my heart, thank you. For me it was a universal journey on Saturday. Apparently the frequencies speak to something very old in me, I get access to a universal force that communicates through sounds. Difficult to grasp from the mind, not easy to find words for it. A language of origin, a universal language, the sound.”
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“Dear Iris, -almost- without words, but gifted with sound. I am still very impressed and amazed. For me, sound is a key to be able to perceive on another level, in which words are included, but still somewhat limited. “
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“You have been able to give me a key to spaces that I did not know existed. Maybe this is the fourth dimension, at least an additional dimension, the sound. I still feel quite sober and at the same time unfamiliar, free. And differently free than I imagined what freedom could be.”
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“I have experienced that through my voice vibrations arise in the body and I arrive completely with myself. And that sounding is a completely honest form of expression and really shows the innermost, beyond words.”
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“For me it was an intense and deep experience. Tone was completely new to me and yet I was able to engage with it thanks to your wonderful neutrality and non-judgment. I was touched by how you gave space to everyone and everything, so that processes could unfold without rules.”
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“So much warmth emanated from you, which still flows around my heart. I find it very reassuring that there are such sensitive people who help you find your own way. I am very happy to have met you and THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for your work.”
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“It was wonderful and wonderful-bar, dear Iris !!! You remained wonderfully calm, you strong beautiful !I am so full of thanks !”
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“Your work I feel like this : I found what I was looking for-. I feel at home with you. I look forward to the further common path with you. All the best for you and once again my heartfelt thanks. For 37 years I had no uterus and now it feels wonderful and happy to return !”
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“I want to thank you again from the bottom of my heart. This great true joy that I was allowed to experience yesterday with you and through you is still in me. Dear Iris, now I repeat myself: your themes are sooooooo valuable and nourishing for me.”